Our vision is to develop an autonomous Multichain Launchpad that will incubate future IDO's and IGO projects, with a Rug-Proof Mechanism.


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Our Core Features

BinaxPad purpose is to foster sustainable development, Our strategy for achieving this goal begins with the release of a Launchpad application, this will generate project deal flow. These projects will highlight required technical or functional enablers that will feed into our 3rd era roadmap.

Projects Crowdsale

Our system let you start your own product on BSC Network as a token developer. We are also seeking for a variety of third-party reviewers who can evaluate various parts of your product Utilizing our technology as an incubator to launch your own incubated ideas on BINAXPAD.

Staking and Earnings

BINAXPAD provides a service for sustainable projects that are always seeking for ways to reward their communities, such as generating staking contracts that encourage investors to take advantage of the benefits provided by their favorite startups.


In the DeFi area, "locking liquidity" has become the norm and "rug pull" is the most feared term that no investors would like to encounter. BINAXPAD Team is glad to say that we pioneered this notion in which we provide an automatic liquidity lockers for project developers to employ as a security feature to lock their liquidity provider tokens.

Farming and Mining

Any cryptocurency or token must establish market depth and stimulate liquidity. Farming feature provides project developers a method to reward their community by setting up a farming vault that pays liquidity providers with their own tokens. Following that, investors can use BINAXPAD to search for startups that interest them and give liquidity on those pairs.


Vesting Feature is available to project owners and early adopters as a stand-alone service that connects with our in-house platform, where wallets holding tokens are shown in a different Ul allowing investors to review it more quickly.

AMM and Lottery System

Automated market maker (AMM) is one of the most important parts of the DeFi ecosystem allowing digital assets to be traded in an automatic way without permission by using liquidity pools rather than a traditional market of buyers and sellers.
Our Docs

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With so many technologies evolving, the crypto space is changing the way systems exchange data if form of contracts, and it is massively adopted by so many institutional investors. The 2020 spike Bitcoin experienced was also accelerated by its global adoption, as the number of global crypto users continuous to increase on the scale to over 300 million people. BINAXPAD is a decentralized multi chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors. Stake BIPA tokens to get priority access to promising projects. Whitepaper


  • 2022 2Q1
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ ldea Formation
    ⚬ Team Formation
  • 2022 2Q2
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Token Contract Auditing
    ⚬ Seed and Private Sale
  • 2022 3Q1
    Goal and Target
    ⚬Listing on Pancakeswap
    ⚬ LP Farming
  • 2022 3Q2
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Seeking for More Partners
    ⚬ Seeking for Startups
  • 2022 3Q3
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Marketing
    ⚬ Token for AMM
  • 2022 4Q1
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Incubation Program
    ⚬ First IDO Launch
  • 2022 4Q2
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Token Vesting Finalizaton
    ⚬ SBIPA Bridge Finalization
  • 2023 1Q1
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Binax Lottery Dev
    ⚬ Click to Earn
  • 2023 1Q2
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Avarter Portal Dev
    ⚬ BINAXPAD Loans Dev
  • 2023 2Q1
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ AMI Platform Finalization
    ⚬ NFTMarketplace Finalization
  • 2023 2Q2
    Goal and Target
    ⚬ Career Portal
    ⚬ Marketing Strategy
Early Offering

Token Sales and Rewards

A big investment opportuniy for all our communtiy and crypto lovers. Become a part of our ecosystem by contributing into our project. The process is simple, create a Binaxpad account and complete your KYC, add your Binance Smart Chain wallet address and contribute to the project. You can also invest into our project using Over The Counter method by submitting a Request form . When sales end, you can sign into your Binaxpad account to claim your tokens. Menbers can also earn bonus tokens through our Referral program by sharing their unique link with friends and earn BIPA tokens each time their referrals make a contribution. Join Sales

Meet Our Team

No offices and no borders. We're a decentralized team of journalists, software developers, and blockchain analysts reporting on the world of cryptocurrency, one bit at a time. We are 100% committed to bring to board the next generation multichain ICOs Lunch-PAD to the DeFi world.
Mitchell Moss
Mitchell is a former journalist and technology enthusiast. Before getting involved in journalism, Mitchell was a project manager at a firm that built distributed software on Hyperledger. His first startup designed algorithms for optimizing cryptocurrency mining.
Anton Tarasov
Head of Implementation
Anton Tarasov has been serving in the blockchain space since 2016. A strong proponent of the power of intangible resources and personal freedom, he believes cryptocurrencies can improve people’s lives. Loves making music in his spare time.
Nathan Batchelor
Head of Trading
Nathan has been trading Forex, commodities, and equities since 2007, and is highly experienced as a cryptocurrency trader. Before joining SIMETRI Research, he was a professional trader for a boutique hedge fund based in London and Sydney. His day-trading and trend following systems, along with solid risk management, allowed him to excel as a trader from 2013 to 2018. Nathan holds a degree in Finance and has an extensive background providing research to proprietary trading houses and fund managers.
Chris Williams
Chief Investment Officer
Chris fell down the crypto rabbit hole midway through 2017, and he’s been hooked since then. He’s become an advocate for the open finance revolution, and he believes that the world would be a better place if banks were replaced by code. When he’s not following blockchains, he dedicates his time to music–mostly finding and listening to old records, and attending live gigs and club sets around London.

Mariia Kozyr
The crypto world opened up to Mariia thanks to Crypto Briefing in 2019. Since then, she has been hard at work connecting finance, technology, and design. Her mission is to make complex technology understandable through visual storytelling. She has a BA in design, and in her free time she enjoys art and cosmology.
Alex Gallagher
Marketting Analyst
Alex's first involvement in the blockchain industry was in 2015 at the Bitcoin Center NY, and then at a Bitcoin exchange startup in 2016. After that he worked in banking for a few years until DeFi brought him back from the dark side. Outside of crypto, his passions include politics, open-source software, and football.
Nicholas Sartini
Marketting Operation
Nicholas began his cryptocurrency journey in 2021 and has since immersed himself. Prior to joining Crypto Briefing, he studied global business at Fordham University and has worked in finance and construction management. In his spare time he enjoys playing board games and Dungeons & Dragons.
Sergey Yakovenko
Research Expert
Sergey comes from traditional finance, working in wealth management as a portfolio analyst prior to his plunge into crypto in 2017. Fast forward to today, Sergey has become a DeFi trailblazer and an expert in yield farming. He now shares these opportunities with SIMETRI members..

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This integration allows projects to launch their IDO/IGO simultaneously on both Solana and Binance Smart Chain for example.